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Words - The Foundation of Mentalism by Richard Osterlind - Book

Words - The Foundation of Mentalism by Richard Osterlind - Book

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In this exciting new book, Richard Osterlind talks about the use of words and language with profound insights into the applications for mentalism. Richard reveals his own methods for talking about our art, using words in mentalism procedures, getting spectators on stage, dealing with the entire audience, applause cues, and so much more. You will marvel at the diabolical thinking that goes into Richard's presentations!

We guarantee that when you read this book, you will understand why this subject is so integral for success. It teaches how to get over problem areas in mentalism routines, how to make your performance look real, how to answer difficult questions about what you do, and what really works with your audiences.

There has never been a book before that deals with such insight into this most important aspect of mentalism.

From the Foreword by mentalist Luca Volpe:

"After reading this book you will enter in a new state of mind that will help you to find the right words at the right moment and for the right reason. You will learn to train your mind to think in a specific way and, trust me, this will worth hundreds of times more than the latest magic trick you buy! Think about the possibility to acquire a new power that will make you charismatic and solve a lot of problems in any procedure in both your new and existing routines."
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