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The Vault - Chatrick by Evgeny Gorlanov video DOWNLOAD

The Vault - Chatrick by Evgeny Gorlanov video DOWNLOAD

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"That's pretty damn good! Have no idea how you did that, so floored me!"
- Eric Ross

"It's done live and at any rate it's a very good trick!"
- David Regal

"A very practical method."
- Alain Simonov

"WOW! That really is amazing! I have no idea how you did it!"
- Stephen Barry, The Inner Magic Circle

Chatrick is a new concept in mentalism. A completely new, exclusive effect and fresh method, that was invented in 2014 by Evgeny Gorlanov. All this time it was kept secret and was never published before.

This method allows you to perform incredible mental effects while being thousands of miles away from your spectator. You can predict anything you want! You will have absolute freedom to create your routine in your hands. You can use this method for any purpose!

Here's what the trick looks like:

You're chatting with your spectator in any messenger and ask them to text anything depending on your routine. Next, you send them a video that was being filmed during the dialogue. In the video you show that you knew exactly what your spectator was going to text even before he actually sent the message!

In the end, the spectator will have the video that will impress him over and over again, and he will have no idea how you did it!

Chatrick is an excellent way to amaze the audience even more before or after your main performance or to show the trick to someone you can't meet in person.

Chatrick can be performed on Mac or PC using any messenger. When you learn the secret, you will realize that the number of tricks you can create using this system is limited only by your imagination.

With the help of a 15-minute tutorial by Mihail Kovali you will be able to master and perform Chatrick today!

Features of Chatrick:

1. Easy to master;
2. Magician fooler
3. 100% prediction guaranteed;
4. No forcing or suggestion;
5. Prediction of any subject;
6. Can be performed several times in a row.
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