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SHOWCASE MAGIC! by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

SHOWCASE MAGIC! by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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SHOWCASE MAGIC, by Paul A. Lelekis, is a performer's dream! The magic included in this eBook is a mixture of "formal performance" magic, table-hopping magic, children's magic and a couple of gambling routines that will make people think, "I'm not playing cards with this guy!" Most of these routines are IMPROMPTU!

Paul has written a 4-page Prologue that describes 8 different venues for making money with your magic in your hometown... and how to go about getting these jobs. He describes the "pitfalls" and performing advice for these 8 different ways to gain real experience in the magic world.

Also included is advice about balloon sculpting! THIS SECTION IS VITAL for children's performances! There are bits of advice that you probably never thought of before! The Prologue alone is worth the modest price of this eBook!

PLUS... learn Paul's unbelievable "CARD UNDER GLASS" routine!

Included are 9 videos, patter, and many photos!


1) Spectator Deals a Royal Flush
- Paul has created an incredibly spectator-involved routine that ends with the spectator dealing herself a Royal Flush! This is a terrific multi-stage routine that the spectators will LOVE!

2) Center Deal the Four Aces - You will almost feel "guilty" about performing this routine! The spectators will give you credit for advanced skills... but this is EASY to do!

3) Out of This World - Most card men are familiar with "the greatest card effect" in the world... but Paul has taken this to new heights! I KID YOU NOT... Paul has created a routine that is ABSOLUTELY fool proof! Again - you make the spectator the star!

4) Location, Location, Location - This is an extremely entertaining routine! It is fun for children or adults! The first two transpositions will amaze them... but the final DOUBLE transposition will leave them with their mouths open! AND it's easy to do!

5) 1, #2, 3 Coin Routine - This routine can be performed close-up to cabaret! The kids and the parents will LOVE this 5-minute routine! The children (and parents) laugh so hard that it will be tough to get them to calm down. This is a real winner!

6) STICKMAN! - This variation of Sander's effect is Paul's favorite routine to perform for children! Wherever Paul goes, the kids run up to him and scream, "Paul... Do Stickman, do Stickman!" Easy to do and so much fun for everyone! Paul includes the patter for use with children or adults!

7) BONUS EFFECT! - Card Under Glass - Learn Paul's fool-proof method for "getting the card under the glass" multiple times... and NEVER getting caught! This routine is a time-honored effect that is a POWERHOUSE! Paul has performed this routine hundreds of times and he even fools "well-schooled" magicians! Paul will teach you methods of misdirection that are incredibly effective!

8) ANOTHER BONUS! Included is a VIDEO of Paul's underground sleight, The Broken Packet Bottom Deal (BPBD)! Learn how to expertly deal from bottom of the deck, rapidly and in succession - from a FULL DECK! This sleight is easy to do and will take very little time to master!

EXTRA BONUS! A video is included of The Lelekis Full Deck False Shuffle. This is the easiest full deck false shuffle you will ever find and will fool everyone! If you use any kind of a set-up (full deck set-up or otherwise), this false shuffle is for you! The Lelekis Full Deck False Shuffle was first explained in the eBook, MY FAVORITES II. You will use this false shuffle over and over! I have performed this shuffle while some "world-class" magicians (you know them!) watched and they never even blinked!


Download Paul's new eBook and enjoy learning from the master!
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