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Kinghood (Elegant) Playing Cards

Kinghood (Elegant) Playing Cards

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Stereo 3D embossing tuck box made with the same technique as the KINGDOM Classic Edition.

Pure hand-painted illustration, took over 100 days to complete

Limited by 1000 worldwide, with number seals.

The Sword and Knight are the most eye-catching designs on the tuck box. The 3D relief embossing process makes the delicate illustration more flexible and appealing. The vertical card box cover is covered with a bronzing pattern, to the relief convex card box better protection, but also make the opening process of the box more ritualistic

Each playing card of KINGHOOD is fully customized. The drawing style of the illustrations is classical and elegant, looks like a totem from ancient legends. You will see different images of the cursed orc warriors on each of the Court Cards, with different weapons. You won't keep your hands off the playing cards when you get them.

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