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I.B.M. 100 Year Anniversary Playing Cards.

I.B.M. 100 Year Anniversary Playing Cards.

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Only two thousand decks of these professional playing cards were produced for the 100th Anniversary of the I.B.M. Just a little more than half the decks remain following the convention, and we are now releasing that remaining stock to you, our members around the world!

These cards are printed on the finest card stock by the 808 Magic Card Company with a special finish and traditional cut that makes faro and fanning so easy. The design of the cards was created by Shawn Farquhar and contain a few hidden wonders.

•Blank face card

•Double back card

•Two identical Jokers

•Queen of Clubs winking

•Queen of Spades holding a Three of Spades

•One way design on the face

•Prediction on the bottom of the card case

The decks court cards are uniquely colored with shades of blue and gold while the Aces all have the I.B.M. logo in the background. These exquisite cards are perfect for use in performance and will also be a collector’s item due to the limited printing and significance of our 100th Anniversary celebrations.

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