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FLIGHT DECK 2.0 by John Kennedy Magic - Trick

FLIGHT DECK 2.0 by John Kennedy Magic - Trick

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Cover a cup or glass with a deck of cards, then make coins vanish and magically arrive with a loud clink inside the glass! Repeat it as often as you like. You can even let a spectator hold the glass when the coin arrives!

The precision gimmick converts any deck of cards into an instant "Flight Deck". Any brand of cards will work and there's no need for any holes or modifications of any kind to the card box.

Flight Deck works with just about any type of coin, including foreign coins from every country. Use your own cup or glass.

There are endless possibilities with Flight Deck, and John will teach you his two favorite handlings on YouTube video.

Flight Deck 2.0 has our newly improved coin release mechanism. The previous version was designed to work with the provided steel shims that you attach to your own coin. Over the years our customers have wanted to be able to also use standard steel core coins sold in magic shops, but could not because the steel core is too massive and wouldn't release from the mechanism. Problem solved! Our new mechanism not only works with the provided shims, but also with steel core coins sold in magic shops.

"As far as I can tell this is the coolest 'no touchies' coins to glass ever devised."

"I really like this thing - it's so clean. And it opens up so many possibilities!"

"Having run my own magic store for ten years, I saw literally thousands of tricks. None of them compare to Flight Deck. It's simply breathtaking. And, it must be the easiest trick I've ever laid my hands on - I mean, I just can't believe how brilliant the design is!"
- CHRIS SMITH - Magic Smith

"In my estimation, Flight Deck is the most brilliant Kennedy creation to date. And if you know John's work, that's saying a lot."

"I purchased my Kennedy Flight Deck knowing that it would be a quality item. The product exceeded my expectations! Here is a great item that will definitely go into my performing repertoire."

"This surpassed my highest expectations. The method is brilliant and a true joy to work with. It's as much fun to do as it is to watch. It simply kills when the coin visibly drops into the clear glass while the spectator holds it. Worth every penny to the serious performer and working magician."

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