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Espionage by Iarvel Magic - Trick

Espionage by Iarvel Magic - Trick

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IARVEL MAGIC presents Espionage, the most powerful and reliable magnet detector on the market!

Espionage empowers you to achieve the most perplexing mental effects at your fingertips.


While the best psychic in the world can only guess whether a coin is in someone's left or right hand 50% of the time, Espionage grants you the ability any psychic would desire. It allows you to not only determine the audience's choice, but also information they themselves are unaware of!

They choose which hand to hide the coin behind their back, and you can pinpoint its location and whether it's heads or tails-even the spectators won't know!

    Espionage comfortably fits in your finger-palm. Measuring 1.1" (29 mm) x 0.6" (16 mm) and only 0.28" (7.3 mm) thick, its flesh-colored design offers various concealment options. You'll be amazed at how much technology fits within!
    The new MAGNOSAFE technology eliminates the need to store the magnetic object and Espionage separately. Espionage automatically demagnetizes for your next performance. No more random vibrations or delayed signals.
    No need to touch the audience or worry about them feeling the device's vibrations from your hand. The advanced sensors featured in the device detect the object from up to 6 inches (15 cm) away, and its vibrations are in such a way that they are completely undetectable even in a quiet space.
    We understand the frustration of having to pre-charge electronics before performances. Additionally, rechargeable batteries lose capacity or die completely after prolonged storage. This is why Espionage uses easily replaceable batteries readily available at any convenience store, allowing you to deliver your best performance with confidence. For frequent use, a new battery lasts for several months.
    Our guarantee of quality you can trust.
  • One Espionage device
  • Five replaceable button-batteries
  • One instructional card
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