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Card Finesse II by Jon Racherbaumer eBook DOWNLOAD

Card Finesse II by Jon Racherbaumer eBook DOWNLOAD

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If you're an eager beginner, curious student, earnest collector, or seasoned veteran, accomplished expert Jon Racherbaumer offers a satisfying book revealing why card conjuring has advanced farther and faster than any other category of magic. It exposes the playful side of the "Real Work" and shows why it's worth studying.

Card Finesse II is an inspiring guide, teaching refined techniques and contemporary handlings. Sixty items you can sink your teeth into. Straightforward exposition, easy-to-read type, and over 250 large-sized photographs. Practical inside information, even if you're not a card man or finger-flinger.

280 pages, photo-illustrated.




Zip-Pop Change
Flat Double Erdnase Change
Bold Atfus
Devil-May-Care Double-Cut
Count Reverse
Illogical Spread Switch
Whirl Flourish
Anchored Add On
Burn-Surviving Switchout
Interlace Subtlety
Neo-Jordan Count
Relaxed Elmsley Count
In-A-Jiffy Duplex Double
Tip Top Palm
Miller's Cascade Control
Ribbon- Drop Flourish
As A Control
Veeser's Bluff Shift
Stencel's Action Palm
Undercover Cop
Cop Grips
(Out)Standing Cop
Undercover Cop
Focussed Misdirection Palm
Finessed Misdirection Palm
Open Misdirection Palm
Double Palm Throw-Off
Delayed Bottom Placement
Finessed Victor Change
Marlo's Visible Victor Change
Spreading The Force
The Hofbauer Force
Marlo's Spread Force
Mechanical Second Palm
Square-Up Grab-Add
Tuck-and-Go Switch
Quick Clip Cop
Left-Hand Steals (LPP)
Nominal Switchless Switch Unload
Preview To Another Chapter
Malini's Invitation
Nuzzo's Simul-Steal
Longitudinal Side Steal (Marlo Palm Position)
Marlo's Flustration Count
Underhanded Scoop Add
Nuzzo-Goldin Change
Greased Bottom Deal
Give Yourself A Break
Quick-Square Switch
Unit Upjog Switch-Out
Screened Leipzig Card Pass

Revertible Ladies (Robert Stencel)
Why Is This Odd Card So Queer? (Jon Racherbaumer)
Invisible Toss (Edward Marlo)
Four-Sites (Jack Birnman)
Dragnet (Jack Birnman)
Making Smith More Mythic (Jon Racherbaumer)
The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (Jon Racherbaumer)
Rashomon's Cards To Wallet (Jon Racherbaumer)
Time-Warp Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
Off-Hand Hooker (Edward Marlo)
Not A11 Psychological (Edward Marlo)
A Purist Plays With Pinocle (Jon Racherbaumer)
Elevating The Aces (Jon Racherbaumer)
Ladies & Bullets (John Luka)
Airborne Again (John Luka)
Ungaffed Ultra Mental (Edward Marlo)
Syner-Aces (Me1 Brown)
Age Of Reason (Robert Stencel)
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