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Believe by Mystic Slybaba video DOWNLOAD

Believe by Mystic Slybaba video DOWNLOAD

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Have you ever wanted to make them actually believe? Mystic Slybaba shares a routine that might just do that. 

Believe is a well constructed mentalist effect using a shuffled deck in use Mystic will also give instructions on how to use a borrowed deck. You will have your participants acting as telepaths sending you information and you will find their card without fail every time. There are no special marks, and can be done surrounded. Suitable for close up, parlor, and zoom. Easy to learn, cleans itself up, can be introduced at any time. 

Slybaba also gives extra thoughts on the use in other applications like ESP or Tarot style presentations.

The effect:

The magician allows the participant to shuffle and cut  the cards. They are then placed into a silk and the magician removes a single card. Then tries to send the thought of card to the spectator but fails (52/1 odds) He suggests trying again but having the spectator send the thought. A few cards are removed and the spectator chooses one. The cards are returned to the silk and the deck is again shuffled by the participant. Again the cards are returned to the silk and the magicians using the signal from the participants mind removes a few cards looking at each one recognizes and identifies the thought of card.

This effect will blur the line between card and mentalism magic. You make the spectator the real star as you reverse the roles making them the ones with the telepathic ability.

Material needed:
  • Deck of cards
  • 5 duplicate cards
  • Devils Hank with one or two slots
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