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After Dark by Matt Johnson video DOWNLOAD

After Dark by Matt Johnson video DOWNLOAD

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After Dark by Matt Johnson - Achieve the power of X-Ray vision!

Ever since its release, Dark Arts by Matt Mello has become a favorite amongst Magicians and Mentalists all over the world.

With permission from Matt Mello himself, Matt Johnson has taken the original Dark Arts envelope and supercharged it!

For the first time, a single examinable envelope is used that can be clearly shown both on the outside and the inside. The audience can look closely and see it is a single opaque envelope with no holes. Anything placed inside will be completely hidden from view!

Even under these conditions, any information written on a business card by the spectator and placed inside the envelope sight unseen is completely visible to the performer!

Use this secret information in any way you wish to show the ability of reading minds with razor sharp accuracy.

In addition, after you reveal this hidden information, you can hand everything back to the spectator to keep! They can take the envelope and the business cards to keep as a souvenir of this incredible demonstration of mind reading!

You are about to get the power of X-Ray Vision! This is After Dark.

  • You get the in-depth tutorial video with over an hour of personal instruction by Matt Johnson.
  • You also receive a PDF download with 4 templates that you can print out at home to make the envelopes yourself. Simply print, glue and perform.
  • All of the templates include the custom graphics as shown in the demo video.
  • One of the templates is left blank so that you can customize it in any way you wish to match your own performing style and routines.
All of this and more in one incredible download!

If you enjoy Dark Arts, you are going to LOVE After Dark!

Reviews from customers who have purchased After Dark

"This is a very clever advancement of the Dark Arts principal!"
- Sbays - Magic Cafe

"If you liked Dark Arts, you are going to LOVE After Dark! This is a definite improvement. MJ knocked this one out of the park!"
- Steven Conner

"Just got this. Very cool envelope. Nice work!"
- Greg Arce

"This is a definite improvement to Dark Arts. Matt's new envelope can clearly be shown open and empty with no visible 'Windows' at all. Yet the envelope is so devious for getting information right in front of the spectators on the fly. For the money, this is a steal. Really good!"
- Justin Lewis

"Simply diabolical, easy, and a home run! The bonus on the end... THANK YOU! And the fact that it is still modular is really fantastic!"
- Billy Jamez

"If you lean towards mentalism I don't know how you can ignore this release... it's just KILLER and it has a million possibilities!"
- Kozmo

"After Dark is indeed a game changer. This is a truly excellent release. Everything so carefully thought out and all the details worked through. I've seen many p@@k envelopes, but never one like this. Conceptually it's almost like a 'self-sealing' P@@k envelope in that the secret method for gaining the information is there one second, then becomes invisible the next... only to be instantly re-set for repeat use. Very innovative. Very clever. Very practical."
- Stunninger - The Magic Cafe

"Just finished watching the video explanation of this beauty. It is a fantastic improvement of the Dark Arts concept and there is a lot of clever thinking behind it. In the hour + video you not only get all the info on how to create your envelope but a LOT of insight on how to get the best from it! Trust me, if you are looking for a practical way to p@@k you need to get this asap!"
- Luca Volpe

"This is a beautiful, well thought out, smart, fun thing. I can't see anybody being disappointed with Matt's latest offer. I really like it!"
- Peter Eggink

"This is a real evolution of Matt Mello's work on the concept with some really nice touches. If you're looking for a practical and easy to set up peek device that you can make at home, you won't be disappointed. You also get a bunch of different templates included, which opens it up to a bunch of different presentational angles. This is a really cool release!"
- Dee Christopher

"I love the Dart Arts effect and use it regularly at gigs so when I saw After Dark I was immediately interested. I must say, it is even cleverer than I thought. Matt has evolved an already great idea and made it a real worker. You get everything you need to make your own envelopes making it a steal. I can't recommend this highly enough. If you are looking for an easy, completely fooling full p***, that looks as fair as can be then get this. Thumbs up for sure, thank you Matt."
- Ben Williams

"This is a solid, easy to do and highly deceptive piece of mentalism with NO funny moves!"
- Christopher Taylor
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