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100 Rude One-Liner Jokes for Magicians Only by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD

100 Rude One-Liner Jokes for Magicians Only by Wolfgang Riebe eBook DOWNLOAD

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Are you tired of political correctness, over sensitivity and squeaky clean jokes? In that case this book is for you. Just over 100 rude, distasteful, offensive and completely politically INCORRECT jokes to offend all magicians and jut about everyone else!

In these page you will find a collection of 'magician specific' jokes about adult topics, that relate to everything magical, magicians, their assistants, spouses and even tricks. It is NOT FOR THE FEINT HEARTED!

If you want to have some naughty laughs at your next gathering of like-minded friends and fellow warped magicians, whether at a party, or barbecue, then this book may just be what you are looking for.

The jokes have been collected over many years from various sources for magicians and are recommended for private social use only and not for use in live shows.

What's the difference between a pickpocket magician and a peeping tom?

What is the difference between a wife and a magician?

Did you hear about the 'Innuendo Tongue in Cheek' magicienne?

Who is the most popular male magician at a nudest magic convention?

Which question will a magician only answer in private?


This book contains rude one-liner jokes for over 18's only!

If you are easily offended - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK! These jokes are NOT intended for public performance!

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