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The Pro Mind Set (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong - Trick

The Pro Mind Set (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong - Trick

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The Mind Pro Set is a full 20 minutes self-contained close-up Mentalism set that is designed to be performed under 'spatially aware' conditions.

Slowly but surely the World is getting back to 'normal' but the biggest challenge, especially for mentalists, is to be able to perform close-up, whilst trying to avoid placing items on the table or letting spectators touch the props.

Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong have designed five beautiful Mentalism routines which are very visual and extremely engaging and require no table, nor the need for the spectators having to handle the props, or to hand any of their belongings to the performer. This means that you can safely approach a group of people and perform your close-up set without the fear of invading their personal space, minimalizing the chances of transferring any germs via your props.

The specially designed props are produced to last, can be easily wiped clean between performances and are all self-contained inside the Mind Pro Set wallet. You can choose to perform all five routines in succession as a fully self-contained set, or select individually and add to your existing set-list.

The five routines included are:

Color-Test: A quick and very visual introductory routine were the participant clips the only red card located between four other green cards....they soon realize that their perception has been tricked!

Nite-Sight: A bank nite style routine with 3 colored envelopes and ready printed 'YOURS' and 'MINE' cards, where one or two audience members are invited to guess which is 'theirs' leaving 'yours'. They will successfully choose correctly but the one left for the performer will also contain a banknote of 100$!..Currency not included....Use your own!

DTC-Lite: In 2019 Luca Volpe and Paul McCaig released a very well received underground drawing-duplication stacked deck of ten cards, produced on credit card type plastic stock, which was so simple to memorize it was almost child's play!! The first batch of DTC sets sold out in less than 48 hours! Now you can own the 'Lite' version of this fantastic deck in thinner plastic, so the ten cards will fit nicely inside your wallet and last you forever! This deck will allow you to perform not only classic routines with a stacked deck, but you will also learn a new handling to perform this routine without the participants ever having to touch the cards!

Target-Word: This is a classic of Mentalism with a new design. You show any pocket sized book (Not included. Use any book in any language) and a plastic card which has the image of a target with a rectangular widow cut-out printed on it. Open the book and demonstrate that you will use the 'target card' to choose a 'target word'. Moving the card around the page the spectators will see different words through the window, all the words changing as the card glides around the page. An audience member will instruct you to stop at any time and at any location within the page. You ask your participant to look at and the words showing inside the window and shout out the longest or most unusual word. You then ask the group to take out their phones and go onto your social media, where they will discover that hours before the show you had actually posted a prediction of the freely chosen word! This is a powerful and simple routine to perform that will bring you a lot of business and repeat clients!

Photo-Wave: A simple and direct routine! You display a selection of picture cards and ask someone from the audience to freely choose one of them. Once a photograph has been chosen you show that on the back of each of the remaining ones is a large printed 'X'. To prove that you knew in advance which image they would be attracted to, you ask them to turn over their selection, where there is also a large 'X' but this one is printed in a completely different color!! A compact in the hands 'Brainwave' effect, with no sticky stuff and no rough and smooth!

In addition to these five classic routines you will find a special double-sided card, which has two optical illusion images printed on it. This is perfect to alternate in-between the routines in order to prove how easily the mind can be tricked!

All the beautifully printed cards are contained within a specially designed holder to sit comfortably in your pocket. Also included is a top quality thumb-tip stored inside a clear holder with the loop (This can be used to hold your prediction as alternative to the social media revelation), some extra blank cards for the 'Nite-Sight' routine, which you can personalize in your own language, a Sharpie marker and an elegant spiral note pad.

All the cards are in specially printed on high quality durable material and with good care will last a lifetime!

The explanation video is recorded as "lecture style" which means you will get performance and in-depth explanation from Luca, Paul and Alan.

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