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The Lucky Fortune by David J. Greene ebook DOWNLOAD

The Lucky Fortune by David J. Greene ebook DOWNLOAD

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  • A logical and creative approach using the classic Age Cards!
  • Easy to perform!
  • Fits in your wallet!
  • Uses easy to recognize items!
The Lucky Fortune is a unique and clever twist on the classic, and often overlooked, age cards that can easily be carried with you wherever you go, just like a good luck charm!

"Of all the tricks that use this principle, this is my absolute favorite! The Lucky fortune has found a permanent home in my wallet!"
- Cody S. Fisher

The effect is simple, direct, and powerful: you take out four fortune cookie fortunes that you've collected and give them to your participant. You ask them to think of a lucky number present on the back of any of the fortunes. Next, you instruct them to go through all the fortunes, keeping the ones that have their selected number and discarding the rest. Surprisingly, without ever looking at the numbers, you immediately know what number they are merely thinking of!

"The Lucky Fortune by David J. Greene is a clever and charming twist on a classic. It's a fun and engaging way to entertain your audience with a common object that everyone can relate to, and I love it!"
- Ever Elizalde

What sets this trick apart from others on the market is its creative presentation and the fact that it's been designed to look like a common object that most people are familiar with, and some might even be carrying with them! You are supplied with a PDF that contains the instructions, a well thought out script, and three printable fortune templates. Just print out the two sided fortunes, cut, and you are ready to perform!

The Lucky Fortune is a fresh and entertaining take on a classic magic effect, and it's sure to delight audiences of all ages!
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