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Subtle Card Creations Vol. 3 by Nick Trost - Book

Subtle Card Creations Vol. 3 by Nick Trost - Book

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The third volume of Subtle Card Creations offers another collection of brilliant card magic. The intent here is the earlier volumes - to present some of the most effective, yet easy-to-do card magic, avoiding all difficult sleights.

Over 100 tricks are carefully explained in 12 chapters. The chapters that are unique include: 
  • You Do As I Do
  • Royal Marriages
  • Revealments
  • Reversed Card Effects 
  • Special Decks
  • Computer Cards
Nick Trost's Subtle Card Creations is a multi-volume compendium of card magic based on subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand, the majority of the material has not been published previously.

Pages: 850 - Hardbound with Dust Jacket
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