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Spectacular (Quarter Dollar) by Johnny Wong - Trick

Spectacular (Quarter Dollar) by Johnny Wong - Trick

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Spectacular is an easy-to-operate gimmick, yet it produces stunning visual effects your audience will love!

Spectacular comes with two unique coins, one being a US Quarter Dollar, and another bronze Chinese Coin.

This product also includes an instructive DVD, which contains a variety of illusions such as coin penetrating and fast movement.

Here's a list of some stunning effects that Spectacular will enable you to do:
  • Special Chinese coin thru glass table
  • Coin thru glass cup
  • Quickly pass thru any glass (table or cup)
  • Chinese coin thru audience member's hand into cup
  • Coin moves quickly from hand to hand
  • Unique 2 coin movement
  • 3 Fly - 3 coins fly into glass cup
This gimmick will enable you to show your unique talent and magic imagination.

50 more magic illusions for you to learn!

Idea by Johnny Wong
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