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Snake - 3x3x3 "Ornery Orange" pattern - UNUSUAL

Snake - 3x3x3 "Ornery Orange" pattern - UNUSUAL

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The 3x3x3 cube unravels, staying in 1 piece like a snake. Can you get it back to the cube?

This is a different design than the standard snake. It looks exactly the same from the outside,but the pattern of the construction is different and we call it "ORNERY ORANGE". It is less difficult than the standard snake as there are more possible solutions. If you had trouble with the regular snake, you may want to give this one a try. Good for ages 9+

A unique offering from Creative Crafthouse.

This a premium model with beveled edges on each of the 27 cubes that make up the snake. This gives an attractive and comfortable feel in the hand. Size is about 2.4" cube.

Level of Difficulty: Level 2

Made by Creative Crafthouse in Hudson, FL

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