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SCORPION by Hugo Valenzuela - Trick

SCORPION by Hugo Valenzuela - Trick

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A scorpion catches a ring with its tail.

This is the weirdest and most magical thing you will read in the year. Not only the effect is real, it will also take the ring out of a cell phone photo.

The magician gives the audience a ring to sign. This ring is placed inside a box armed with playing cards by shaking the box the spectators listen inside the ring.

The magician requests that a spectator hold the box in his hands and take a photograph of it.

Now a scorpion manipulated by the magician is presented on the scene... This moves its legs, pincers and tail.

The artist approaches the scorpion to the photograph of the cell phone and the scorpion hits the photo with its tail and very visually removes a ring from the photograph.

The ring is the one signed by the spectator!

Then the box will be shaken to check that it does not produce sound and open to unfold the cards and check that there is no ring!

Inspired by an idea by Joakin Kotkin. Created by Hugo Valenzuela.
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