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Return Ball (White, 2") by JL Magic

Return Ball (White, 2") by JL Magic

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Return to Ball 2.0 (White) by JL Magic

The Return to Ball is a cool magic trick made from top-notch silicon materials that'll take your magic game up a notch. It's designed super carefully, so whether you're just starting out or you're a total pro, this slick prop is perfect for you.

Even when you're doing magic up close or blowing minds on stage, the Return to Ball will wow everyone with its smooth moves and awesome looks. With its bright colors and flawless finish, the Return to Ball will make you stand out wherever you perform.

This trick is easy to handle, so you can pull off all sorts of cool moves without any worries. The smooth surface and perfect design mean you can do all those fancy tricks without getting stuck.  

So, get ready to level up your magic tricks and blow your audience's minds with the awesome illusions of the Return to Ball!
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