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Nick Trost's Super Showdown - Trick

Nick Trost's Super Showdown - Trick

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This routine is based on "Showdown," Nick Trost's original marketed effect c. 1974 - a self working version of the Ten Card Poker Deal. If you ever wanted to do a gambling demonstration, this trick is for you.

"Super Showdown" has four phases...

1. The performer shuffles the deck and deals out five poker hands. The other four players all receive poor hands. The performer wins with a full house....
2. Five hands are again dealt. Any spectator may trade his face down hand for the performer's. The four spectators have better hands than during the first round of poker, but the performer still wins.
3. Next, the performer plays head to head poker with one of the spectators. The spectator selects his hand from ten face down cards. The performer wins.
4. Two stud hands are dealt. The spectator selects any of the face up cards, may switch hole cards and even exchange hands if he wants. The performer still wins.

This is a strong, entertaining routine in which spectators participate throughout. A real showpiece. Includes special cards to be used with a regular Bicycle deck.
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