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MATES by Dibya Guha mixed media DOWNLOAD

MATES by Dibya Guha mixed media DOWNLOAD

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The spectator selects a playing card, say, the 10 of Hearts & places it face-up on the table. The performer attempting to find the mates of the selected card cuts to an indifferent card of a different value, for example, the ace of spades & its 3 mates i.e. the Ace of Hearts, Ace of Diamonds & Ace of Clubs. He then places the 4 Aces one on top of the other in a face-up manner. Next, he takes the 10 of Hearts & waves over the face-up Ace pile. Miraculously, 3 face-down cards appear in between these Ace cards. These face-down cards are turned face up & they are surprisingly found to be the other 10s, ie. the 10 of Clubs;10 of Spades & 10 of>
Suitable for all skill levels as extremely easy to perform. Great for virtual shows as well as live>
Video & pdf instructions>
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