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Lost Souls Chop Cup (Large) by Mike Busby - Trick

Lost Souls Chop Cup (Large) by Mike Busby - Trick

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Dude That's Cool Magic are very proud to introduce the Large Lost Souls Chop Cup.

A truly collectable item - You'll just love the look and feel of these props. They'll most certainly add a curiosity factor to your existing cups and balls routine.

  • 1 x Lost Souls Chop Cup
  • Black carry pouch
  • 1 Chopped ball
  • 1 Regular ball
Approximate dimensions:
  • Sea of Skulls chop cup Height: 8.5cm x 6.5cm
  • Balls: 2cm
  • Carry pouch: 20cm x 15cm

Please note: Props only. Instructions and satanic spells are not included.
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