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I Dream of Mindreading by John Lovick - Trick

I Dream of Mindreading by John Lovick - Trick

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You explain you're going to do the world's greatest mathematical card trick. A spectator thinks of any card in the deck. You hand her a deck, and while your back is turned the spectator transfers a few cards from the top to the bottom, as instructed by you depending on the card's value. You take the deck, look through it, and announce the thought-of card. The audience is only mildly impressed because the trick obviously involves some sort of stack or key cards and a mathematical procedure. You ask, "Do you know why this is my favorite mathematical card trick?" You then spread the cards face-up on the table and the entire deck is blank! "Because it's not mathematical. It's mindreading!"
  • Deck Included (COLOR VARIES) 
  • Everything is Examinable
  • Bonus Handling by Joshua Jay
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Easy to Do
  • Instant Reset

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