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Ghost Candle version 2.0 - Tricks

Ghost Candle version 2.0 - Tricks

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The magician displays a simple candle and is holding it in one hand. He tells a story of a haunted house that he has visited and asks if anyone believes in ghosts. He explains that a ghost has been following him since the visit at this haunted house and he cannot seem to get rid of the apparition. The audience does not seem to buy into this, so the magician says that he will demonstrate. He states that he needs to light the candle to attract the ghost out, because the ghost is drawn to the candle flame. But the magician can't seem to find his matches. He stares at the candle and suddenly the candle lights by itself. The magician thanks the ghost and continues with his ghost story.

Comes complete with instructions, box to store candle, extra wick.
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