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ForceGram by Priyanshu Sri video DOWNLOAD

ForceGram by Priyanshu Sri video DOWNLOAD

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ForceGram is a technique that gives you the ability to force any profile, any picture, any video on Instagram on any borrowed device. 

Yes , you read it right. No apps to install, no websites to visit. The only thing you require is the spectators phone, use it as a stand-alone prediction effect or an insane mentalism trick. This technique is beyond the idea of just an Instagram prediction. Use this technique to force any name, place, picture or anything from a particular category on Instagram and use that in your mentalism routine.

Audience management - easy

Angle proof

Don't have your cards? Don't have your phone? Don't worry... with ForceGram you need absolutely nothing. The only thing that you need is a spectator and their phone!

What you receive when you purchase the download:

A 24 min long instructional video, that covers each and every detail on how to perform ForceGram.

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