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Dragon Magic Chamber Wand

Dragon Magic Chamber Wand

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Ambitious, cunning, proud.

16.5 inches long, A combination of black, white  and natural wood.   This wand is carved and finished by hand from our finest Whirlwood Hard Maplewood.

Each wand comes in a velvet wand sleeve with a drawstring. 

 Unique to Chamber Wands:

Each Magic Chamber Wand has a hidden compartment in the handle and comes with a magic pouch containing our 9 Standard, Gold-Tipped magic cores. These cores charm the wands once sealed inside.

All our wands can be handed down from generation to generation. They are made from our own Whirl Wood, a hybrid Hard Maplewood, which is blessed with the finest grain pattern of all the magical trees in our Whirl Woods. This remarkable wood is the perfect choice for our Magic Chamber Wands. It conducts infinite Magic Core possibilities with an ability to refresh with each New Core and respond to the specific desires of the witch or wizard.

Magic Cores Included:

Key to the Whirlwood School of Magic

Goblin Gold

Crystal Point

Vampire Fang

Phoenix Feather

Dragon Heartstring

Dwarf Unicorn Horn

Tarantula Leg

Unicorn Tail Hair

Whirlwood Magic Chamber Wands Are Filled With Possibilities

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