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DEFROST by Aaron Lewis video DOWNLOAD

DEFROST by Aaron Lewis video DOWNLOAD

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A single playing card visually changes without any cover when submerged in water!

Defrost is a visual color change where you visually see a single playing card melt into another card.The effect is so visual it looks like trick photography.

A single playing card is displayed alone with an empty glass. The card is placed into the glass then the water is poured into the glass causing the card to change into a different card completely. The card can be signed on the back before the performance and the spectator is left with an impossible souvenir!

Effect 2:

The spectator picks and it is then lost into the deck. The queen of hearts is pulled out the pack to announce that you found the chosen card after failing to get the right card you have the spectator sign the back of the queen this card is then placed into the glass and is submerged in water without any cover the card visually changes into the spectators chosen card. This card can be pulled out the glass by the performer or the spectator. Everything can be handed out for immediately examination. The spectator is left with a signed souvenir.

Perform this effect completely surrounded without having to worry about covering up the card or ditching cards.

This effect took 15 years to get every angle right and every measurement right. This is a 100% trick that will work every time.
  • Gimmick the gimmicks are handcrafted by hand.
  • The trick can be performed with either blue backs or red backs
  • Perform with or without a glass
  • No skill required
  • No sleight of hand required
  • No ditching or switching cards
  • Perform completely surrounded
  • No deck is required
  • The card can be signed on the back to insure no card switch
  • Perform the effect in the spectators hands
  • Everything can be handed out for examination immediately
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