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CRUNCH by Kelvin Chad - Trick

CRUNCH by Kelvin Chad - Trick

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Here are some casual and incredible magic tools you'll want to carry around all the time!

Crunch by Kelvin Chad is a small gimmick that you can always carry around lightly and show off very visual magic.

Imagine a coin just signed by an audience goes into a cookie bag in an instant in front of the audience! It's a really small and light gimmick that you can always carry around, and you can always show impressive magic while eating snacks with your audience or friends.

The best feature of the Crunch is that coins signed by the audience actually go inside the cookie bag! Not only can you check the audience's signature until just before the coin enters, but you can also make sure the audience sees and feels the coin visually passing through the bag.

In addition, the audience can immediately pick up the coins in the snack bag and check them out. There are no suspicious movements such as awkward switches or palms. You don't even touch the coin! You just open the snack bag and hand it to the audience, and the audience makes the "wow" sound on their own.

Of course, it is possible with borrowed snacks, and the audience can check if there is anything wrong with the bag. You can use not only coins signed by the audience but also various small-sized items such as keys, rings, etc.

Crunch main gimmick and tutorial videos will be provided.

  • You can make it with the borrowed snack bag.
  • Thanks to such a small and light gimmick, you can always carry it in your wallet or pocket and use it easily and conveniently when you want.
  • Easy to do.
  • No switches or palms.
  • You can use other items as well as coins.
  • You can use all kinds of snack bags.
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