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BUZZ by Juman Sarma video DOWNLOAD

BUZZ by Juman Sarma video DOWNLOAD

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Imagine being able to control radio frequencies and manipulate it using telepathy to call anybody you want... With this utility technique you will be able to establish a phone call to your spectator (a total stranger) without even having to touch the phone. This is an incredibly strong piece of magic.

In this modern era, most of the strongest phone effects are only limited to iPhone (iOS) only the Android users are left behind. 

This effect is fully compatible with Android and IOS devices!

This is so easy to perform that you will be performing this within few minutes of learning the secret. It will leave your audiences astonished and awestruck.

You don't need any kind of special apps or gimmicks to perform this effect. Perform it completely impromptu. 

If you  have your phone with you, you are ready to perform this miracle in any situation and at any moment!

Key Points:

1. You never touch the spectator's phone during the effect.
2. Easy to do.
3. Instantly repeatable.
4. Don't need any kind of gimmicks or special apps.
5. Fully customizable routine.
6. The call is genuinely made to the spectator's phone without any funny moves (the spectator is holding their own phone).
7. Spectator's phone can be either Android or iOS, it doesn't matter.

In addition to everything, get access to a dedicated Facebook group where users/performers can discuss , share and ask question regarding BUZZ.

Perform BUZZ as a stand alone effect or combine it into your digital magic routine, you will always get some crazy reactions from your audience. Amaze everybody!

NOTE: This is more focused for Android users (performers) but it works for iOS users (performers) as well.
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