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Band on Fire 2 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Bacon Fire and Magic Soul

Band on Fire 2 (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Bacon Fire and Magic Soul

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Magic soul's brand new product - Band on Fire 2 by Bacon Fire.

"Inheriting the visual shock of the first episode, the new six strokes of rubber band killing"

In December 2017, the emergence of the first version of Band on Fire injected new energy into rubber band magic. The visual innovation was widely praised by all walks of life. One of the works, "CUT", is even listed on the platform of the internationally famous magic company, Ellusionist.

Now the second version will continue with the advances of the first version. The new six strokes of rubber band magic are dedicated to everyone here.

These include:

Alpha Lock/A Finger Cuff

Carefully designed finger escape. The audience can very clearly see the trajectory of the rubber band wrapped around the finger, but the finger escapes more than once. The combination of being visual, interactive, and misleading, is a complete yet small process. The creator, Bacon Fire, said that this is his most satisfying creation in the fascinating second episodes.

Rubber Dissolve

The rubber band on the palm of the hand and the rubber band held in the palm of the hand instantly exchange positions. The process is extremely visual, and even shows the effect of the color change of the rubber band. Do not miss it!

Lazy Man Penetration/Lazy Go

Finally dreams come true wearing a pen system. How lazy -- the rubber band does not even have to take it off the wrist. As long as it is opened, it can penetrate. You will learn three ways to penetrate. It seems like a special effect!

Lazy Fork/Lazy X

"Lazy/Lazy" is a kind of rubber band magic operation concept of the author, Bacon Fire. I hope that the rubber band can still get a lot of magic without taking it off the wrist! This is a starting point for a lot of effects, and this Lazy X is one of them. It is the predecessor of Lazy go, said to be a significant move.

The Double-Ring Scheme/The Two Ribbons

On the index finger and the ring held in the palm of the hand, these are instantly exchanged like a discoloration. The ingenious combination of the rubber band and the ring makes the eyes shine.

The Secret Door/Trapdoor

Reinterprets the classic effect of broken ribs reduction with a new operation and packaging method. Almost invisible setting action, as if the rubber band had a precise dark door. It will open with a click, and no abnormalities will be detected after the restoration.

"We need more people like Bacon Fire!"
- Joe Rindfleisch

  • 6 strokes new rubber band visual killing
  • Very impromptu, no need to setup beforehand
  • Completely pure techniques without props
  • Everything can be examined by the spectator
  • Magical with rubber bands, very visual
  • Full tutorial in Chinese with English subtitles, easy to understand
The product includes:

- Online instructions
- 10 rubber bands produced by Joe Rindfleisch (random colors, at least two colors)
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