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Among the information that can be found, the Color-Changing Knives can be traced back to 1930 and usually credited to the illusion master, Walter Jeans.

For the next ninety years, due to its extremely versatile effect, as well as its ease of use, and unique audience interaction, the color-changing knives are very well-loved by the magic world. Countless top magicians perform the color-changing knives as part of their professional repertoire, and some have secured a spot in the famous World's Greatest Magic series.

Many masters have penned down their thinking behind their routines and included them in books or lectures. E.g. Juan Tamariz, Ascanio, Johnny Thompson, Bill Malone, Daryl, etc.

This has resulted in this effect achieving another level of popularity. The Color-changing knives have become one of the most classic and popular magic effects in the world.

An exquisite pocket knife changes from one color to another, and can be changed back again. If you like, you can repeat the effect.

It can also be a game played between two people. You take out a blue knife and hand it to the audience to hold in their hand. You hold the white one and the audience holds the blue one. With a magical gesture, the knife in the audience's hand changes places with yours.Magicians are in pursuit of magic that is simple, practical, compact, and can easily to narrow the gap between themselves and the audience.

As the saying goes, 'Good tools are a prerequisite for the successful execution of a job'. Magicians have been searching for a set of useful color-changing knives for many years. What is available on the market ranges from Rodger Lovins, which are available for 150 dollars, to very affordable versions available for less than 20 dollars.

Your search may very well end today.

We truly believe that we have made perhaps the best looking and most practical Color-changing knife available today.

The Artistic Knives.

Taking 18 months to get from conceptualization to production.

Due to the particular nature of magic props, the design is obviously very different from conventional products and is unreasonably impractical (from the perspective of conventional industrial products).

Numerous communication, negotiation, and discussions were carried out. Each detail of the product reiterated again and again.

The online tutorial teaches 7 techniques and moves.
  • Damascus patterned blade. Elegant and clean.
  • The handles are beautiful Shell-white and Ink-black Jade that has gone through industrial polishing.
  • The size of the handle has been repeatedly modified by the designer to ensure that it handles perfectly while executing the technique.
  • Leather storage bag, easy to carry.
  • The set comes with three knives, a Black knife, a White knife, and a gimmicked knife.
  • Extremely visual techniques taught on the online tutorial.
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