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Ambiguity by Mohamed Ibrahim video DOWNLOAD

Ambiguity by Mohamed Ibrahim video DOWNLOAD

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Experience the power of influence. Ambiguity is a powerful tool that will live in your pocket!

4 cards of different shapes/symbols/playing cards/figures are shown to the participant as well as an envelope with a prediction inside. The prediction is placed on a table (no switching).

You ask your spectator to choose one of the 4 cards, and your prediction will always match the selection.

Optional effect:

Four cards are chosen from a deck of cards
Then you have them eliminated. Two cards, then to down to one.
Your prediction always matches their choice.

I will also teach two different killer effects with DFB app by Craig Squires and Nick Einhorn. (You must purchase DFB separately)
  • So powerful with very little setup
  • Works as EDC mentalism effect
  • Can fit your pocket, your wallet
  • Suitable for close-up and stage
  • Can be performed with DFB app
  • No switches
  • No sleights
  • No gimmicks
  • Everything is EXAMINABLE
  • Completely impromptu
And the best part:
The method is only limited to your imagination, you can create different types of choices based on the same method.

What you get:
  • Video explanation
  • PDF
  • Private Facebook group
  • Special website to create yours
NOTE: The method works well with languages which contains English alphabets like (Spanish, French, Italian ... etc)
It could be a bit difficult with languages like (Russian, Bulgarian ... etc)
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