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60 Alpha- math puzzle from 1895 and a word search puzzle

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Solid wood construction with maple and cherry or alder alternating. Measures 4.8" in diameter. Fits the palm of the hand nicely.

This is a puzzle in the "Goldilocks" zone. Not too hard and not too easy. Yet a good and fun challenge.

There are 2 puzzles to solve

1) Arrange the wheels such that each column of numbers adds to 60

2) Rearrange the wheels such that each column of 4 letters forms a word

60 Alpha Video

The number puzzle was patented in 1895 and issued by the White Sewing Machine Co. as a promotional item in the early 1900's.

The word puzzle is a Creative Crafthouse original.

The back side of the puzzle has the instructions laser engraved.

Comes with solutions.

Ā©2019 Creative Crafthouse Made in Hudson, FL, USA

Level of Difficulty: Level 3